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Welcome to Campsite Finder Online Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Suppliers section.

This page will help you to decide on the products, accessories and equipment you will need for your next camping or caravan holiday.

You will find an abundance of quality goods and a wide selection of companies to choose from be it Motorhome Hire, Tents, Caravan or Motorhome Insurance or simply those Sturdy Pegs to hold your Caravan awning or tent down in a very windy area.

Most people these days like to try out camping and caravanning in the great outdoors, so buy a cheap waterproof tent or a second hand caravan or maybe just test it out by hiring a campervan.

Some will decide it's not for them but others will want to upgrade to the next model whether it is a larger tent or a newer caravan or motorhome. This website offers all our visitors this opportunity to expand to the next level.

Why not buy that potable barbeque. Food always tastes better cooked in the outdoors. Instead of taking your plates and knives and mugs from home add sturdy camping plates, mugs and cutlery on the list of required items.

Add a bit of luxury to your holiday by using an Electric Hook-Up-Cable or Solar Panel. This can be used even whilst camping. A TV keeps the kids occupied on those rainy days stuck inside the caravan, so look for a satellite system. Or give your motorhome or caravan a living extension by adding an awning.

So whether you are a seasoned caravanner or camper or merely testing the water we have everything you could possibly need here on the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Suppliers Page.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag for Camping!

Camping, hiking and adventuring is a popular pastime for many thousands of people in the UK, and for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, it is almost certain that at some point in your life you will require the use of a Sleeping Bag.

Sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes, and they vary in quality depending on where and when you'll be using it. There are high tech sleeping bags for use in extreme weather conditions and of course, more primitive styles which would be more suited to amateur campers.

If you're likely to be camping in warmer climes then lightweight compact sleeping bags are ideal, whereas if you're trekking to the North Pole you'll need a hi-spec professional sleeping bag which you can be cocooned within to keep the frost bite out.
There are various makes which cater for both summer and winter such as 'Coleman', 'Gelert' and 'Highlander', there are a vast array of sleeping bag brands to choose from on the market and you generally get what you pay for.

Things To Consider

Depending on when and where you will be using a sleeping bag you may consider the following criteria:

  • Size & Shape - You need to consider your height and size, being stuck inside something which restricts your movement can be very uncomfortable. A mummy style bag may offer the most warmth, but if you're using the sleeping bag inside or in warm conditions a semi rectangular bag will offer far more movement inside and will be less claustrophobic.

  • Storage - Will it need to be small and compact with a pouch for travelling light? Or will it be used in-doors where weight or packing away are not so important.

  • Season Grade - Sleeping Bags are rated by season and degrees Celsius, it is always important to check with the supplier which will be most suitable for your need. As a rough guide: 1 will be for summers months (around 5 degrees Celsius), 2 will be for spring into summer (0 degrees Celsius), 3 will be for spring right through to autumn (around -5 degrees Celsius), 4 will be for winter (around -10 degrees Celsius) and 5 is rated for expeditions in colder climates (around -15 degrees Celsius).

  • Outer Lining - Will it be used inside or outside, maybe in harsh weather conditions? Down sleeping bags are usually more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags and generally last longer, however, these would not be ideal for wet or damp conditions. For wet or damp conditions the ultralight shell fabrics are more suitable as they often possess a durable water-repellent coating.

  • Inner Lining & Insulation - Will you require something that is light and breathable for really warm climates, or are you camping somewhere really cold where you will need to be cocooned inside? If you will be in dry but cold conditions then down sleeping bags are effective, they possess a high weight to warmth ratio (down insulation is measured by one ounce per cubic inch with 900 being the around the highest). For machine washable and damp resistant sleeping bags, those with synthetic insulation work best.

  • Hood - Will your sleeping bag need a hood for really cold weather or to keep insects out? Other related features may be draft collars and draft tubes behind the zip, combined, these all act as effective draft insulators.

It is worth asking about sleeping bag accessories too, such as sleeping bag heaters for emergency situations, mats to help cushion the ground and insulate from cold beneath, travel pillows for comfort and sleeping bag liners for extra insulation in really cold weather.

The best advice of all is to actually discuss your needs with someone who knows what they're talking about, and a good place to start would be somewhere like Camping-Online based in Derbyshire.

Camping Online have many years of experience and stock a wide selection of Sleeping Bags suitable for all occasions. If you want to make sure you're spending your money wisely, then they'll be happy to offer free advice:

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