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Popaloo is a brand new, unique highly portable,compact,and durable toilet system. The toilet closed is just 420mm square x 90mm high, which makes it ideal when space is at a premium, assembled it is 430mm high the same as your loo seat at home,
it is very strong and has been weight tested in excess of 180 Kg yet only weighs 4.4 Kg/ 9.68 lbs, it is very simple to assemble and you will be amazed how it packs away.

Popaloo is chemical free, and uses a pre packed dry powder bio degradable bag system, the powder encapsulates the waste, after use simply knot the bag and place in a waste bin or compost area, Popaloo comes with ten powder bags, wet wipes and emergency tissues.

Popaloo has been designed, developed and Made In England.

Popaloo also offer two pop up tent's Large(2.0 Mt high x 1.1 Mt base) and Medium (1.5 Mt high) which offer additional privacy, they have a detachable velcro base,guy ropes, pegs and mesh pockets for storage.

You can buy the Popaloo and Tent as a Private Convenience Pack, or Tents and Popaloo's on their own.

All products come in a carry case for ease of handling.


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Popaloo - The Portable toilet solution Popaloo - The Portable toilet solution
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