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West Middlewick Farm

West Middlewick Farm


Product Description

Farmhouse B&B and 3 Chalet Log Cabins.

From mid-December 2011, 2 Luxury Log Pods complete with Full electrics, Tv/Dvd and optional bunk pack.

West Middlewick Farm is situated in the heart of Devon, between the hamlet of Nomansland and Witheridge, 9 miles from Tiverton, the largest town in Mid Devon.

We’re a pretty self sufficient dairy farm, meaning that most of the food our animals eat, is grown and harvested on the farm.
At the moment we have 64 cows, 40 something sheep, and about a hundred chickens.
Oh and many happy campers who keep coming back for more of the West Country life each year.

Many people who come and stay on our campsite, or in one or our 3 self catering log cabins, take part in feeding the farm animals and enjoy farm life to truly make the most of a unique holiday experience.

You can watch the cows being milked in the morning and evening and help feed them if you’d like to.
There are usually calves to feed and occasionally tame lambs that need to be bottle fed!
You can also join in the chicken feeding and egg collection with John or Jo at set times during the day. You can then buy the eggs you’ve collected if you fancy an eggy breakfast!

Please note, any feeding of the animals should always be under the supervision of John or Joanna.

If you’re staying on the campsite or in one of the cabins, we are very happy for you to enjoy walks over the farm.
The farm is ideal for family holidays but we do ask that children are supervised when near the animals and that dogs are kept on a lead.