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Thriftwood Holiday Park (Sellers Leisure)

Thriftwood Holiday Park (Sellers Leisure)


Product Description

Thriftwood Holiday Park is an award winning, family park situated in a picturesque rural location in the village of Stansted in the heart of the Kentish North Downs.
The park is within 20 acres of peaceful woodland, featuring luxury Holiday Static Homes, and Caravan and camping areas all with an 11 month licence.
It combines the traditional English holiday with a host of modern conveniences.

If you are looking for a spectacular holiday in the garden of England look no further!

Have a swim in our heated outdoor pool
There is nothing quite like feeling the warm sun on your back as you enjoy a dip, relax on the terrace area while enjoying the superb views so near to your holiday accommodation.

At Thriftwood, we have recently introduced holiday home hire, where you can stay in a holiday home with all the added luxuries.
Also all the vans for hire are available to purchase, so if you love your holiday so much, this could be the ideal opportunity to try before you buy.

Experience the pleasure of having a home from home. No more planning or pre-booking, just take off at a moment’s notice.
Many of our visitors have enjoyed their stay at Thriftwood Holiday Park so much that they have purchased their own holiday home here.

Camping is fun and suits all ages.
You are sleeping outside “under the stars” enjoying the tranquility of a more peaceful life.
Staying in a tent is a great way to be in the fresh air and still be comfortable.
It’s also a great thing to do with all the family as it provides something for everyone, whether you are a new camper or a grizzled veteran!
If you want the full immersion into nature, camping is often the closest that you will get.

Every generation enjoys touring, loving the freedom fun and flexibility.
Everyone can join in, including the dog.
This is why so many people from all walks of life choose to tour, over other holiday options.
No set meal times dictating your daily schedule, no airport queues and no worry or expense sorting out care for your pets as they can come too.
You’ve plenty of room for all your activity equipment; there are no luggage restrictions here!

Having your railly at Thriftwood is a great opportunity to get people from all over to come, as not only are we in the real garden of England, surrounded by some of the best countryside this country has to offer, but we are also only a short journey away from London.
If you would like to organise a rally, then please contact us here.

Open from 1st March until 31st January
Note – Minimum booking requirements apply at peak periods.