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Picture yourself in a beautiful, wild meadow – because that’s exactly the kind of environment you can expect when you come to our Allhallows Leisure Park.

Located just an hour and half away from London and amidst the untamed beauty of the natural surroundings, our park has so much going on – from indoor and outdoor swimming pools to fishing lakes, a 9-hole golf course and whole range of other sports and leisure activities.

Whatever you want to do, we promise there’s plenty to keep even the most active family member entertained.

Perhaps most striking of all, though, is that our park is home to its very own 19th century fort that provides incredible views out across the Thames Estuary!



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  • derek trower
    8th December 2012 at 12:00 am

    This is the dirtiest–noisiest—-and most unfriendly site that I have ever visited.It is located just off the Thames Estuary.The beach?is just dirty shingle littered with rubbish.The staff and especially management are extremely rude and unhelpful.There is so much wrong with this place that it is beyond belief.Located in a very isolated situation.The only sign of life comes from the local council estates.Save your time and money and just don’t go there

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