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  • Susanne
    28th August 2015 at 12:00 am

    Good points are the games room and campfires however we left the site early as we were wading around in 5 inches of mud and sand smelling of rotten fish and full of maggots. We spoke to the owners on 2 separate occasions about the problem who wouldn’t even come down to our tent to have a look, his answer to every problem was to put more sand on it (which was causing all of the problems in the first place). We spent 2 hours scooping out mud and sand from our tent as the smell was making it impossible to breath. The day we left there were at least 4 perfectly good tents abandoned because the smell was so bad. We had rain while we were there which we are used to as we camp quite a lot but have never had a problem like this before.
    The pitches were so close that we could hear the conversations of the campers in the next tent.
    The WiFi very rarely worked.
    The showers were scalding and could do with a bit more cleaning. On the second day of being there the owner watched us set up our seating area on the hardstanding (gazebo and windbreaks) only for him to return 2 hours later telling us we need to move them. The whole holiday has been hard work!!!!!!

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