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  • Mike Preece
    28th July 2012 at 12:00 am

    I was impressed with the cleanliness of the site & especially its very sensible layout of the main facilities separating the static caravans from the touring park, unlike the site we have just returned from whereby the campers were in one corner & all the facilities were diagonally opposite. The amenities block were clean & I never had to wait for a shower cubicle although admittedly we were here before the schools break out. For a relatively small site I was pleasantly surprised to find it have a lovely indoor heated swimming pool which on one occasion we found ourselves to be the only ones in there. When a site has a swimming pool you would normally expect it to have some sort of food or drink outlet but this site doesn’t. That never bothered me as I am happy to go to the supermarket (10 minutes up the road) for our supplies although there is a small shop opposite for basic supplies.

    The site does have an outdoor play area & small indoor games room and the balance of facilities is just about right in my opinion. If you have kids who need entertaining 24/7 then you are better off looking at one of these sites with clubhouse/dosco/bar etc. If you like peace & quiet but with a a few quality facilities then this site has got it right.

    In fact the only negative I have re this site (although many will see it as a positive) is that the pitches are hardstanding. Having always pitched on grass I phoned the site first for advice. They told me that normal pegs will be ok but they have other types we could use. Obviously the pegs that came with my tent (Peakland) didn’t have enough steel in them as some of them bent before being fully inserted in to the ground. I ended up going into St Austell to buy some rock pegs.

    What should have been an easy tent set up ended up taking a couple of hours and a lot of cursing.

    Would this stop me going here again? No, just buy a few more rock pegs & bigger mallet !

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