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2.0 out of 5.0
  • Mr P Roberts
    28th June 2016 at 12:00 am

    It states number of pitches as 20. this can not be, as it is a caravan club CL site members only and the LAW only allows 5. The site is reasonably level and quite large with the electric hookups well spaced. It is well situated for visiting any where around Carmarthan bay. But there are two things that really let this site down, they are the owners attitude and the toilet facility’s.
    The cistern, toilet, sink, mirror and even the door look like they were dragged from a skip and the best thing would be to put them back. There isnt even a ceiling just a corrugated cow shed roof, the only thing that looks like it was new when installed is the meter for the money for the shower. The penny pinching attitude of thats good enough for them, is just not going to be accepted in this century. and I am glad to say people have voted with there pound and spent it else where. We stayed for nine days and in all that time we were the only one’s there, the owner thinks it is because of the economic climate!!! that can’t be true as we only stayed there because everywhere else was full and we couldnt get in. The best thing would be to demolish the lean to and build something useing all NEW materials that they would be happy to have in there own home. At £15 pound a night you expect far better for your money than a hovel with a bare concrete floor. There lack of thought and care for their paying guest must be costing them thousands of pounds.

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