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Yurt Tents

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Yurt Tents

A yurt is a traditional temporary structure that comprises of a circular wooden frame and linen cover.

Yurts have been used throughout history as housing for the nomadic people of the Mongolian steppes and elsewhere.

In peacetime they have served as easy-to-move shelters for entire villages as tribes-people have made their way from pasture to pasture with the seasons or availability of suitable grazing ground.

In wartime, they have been used to assist armies in getting across Mongolia at lightning speed. Genghis Khan used them to house his army as he moved inexorably towards Europe and also as he moving towards the Great Wall of China.

Some modern people still use them today – they are widely used in Mongolia, in the form known as Gers and some rural Hungarian people are alleged to use them still. They were in wide use in central and eastern Turkey until the 1960s. They are widely used in Siberia and known there as Yarangas.

The design has changed little in the last 800 years - the only notable difference is the shape of the roof. There are a number of variants of Yurts but fundamentally they all share the same circular shape, trellis walls and roof poles radiating out from the large central wheel, also known as a Crown.

Making a Yurt is an art-form in itself. It must be made from local materials to ensure that the wooden frames do not warp or bend under the local climate (humidity etc can play havoc with some imported timbers). The crux of the Yurt is the central wheel. It must be perfect to serve as a keystone for the entire structure. All of the ribs, the long strips of wood that extend to the trellis, fix into the central wheel. We leave this wheel exposed, but covered in a waterproof clear sheet, so that its stunning visual impact can be enjoyed by all who enter. This allows it to serve as a light-well, giving even and beautiful light throughout.

The trellis is handmade (as are all our parts!) with individual strips being tied together with rot-proof rope which is twice as strong as standard hessian. Trellises concertina down and up, which makes them easy to use and transport – they are just quite hard to make! A 16 foot Yurt trellis will typically fit inside an estate car, or onto the back of your average yak, whichever is your local mode of transport!

Doorways are built into the trellis to give structure and strength, and all doors are made of local hardwood. Using local wood is essential for us, as we can guarantee the longevity and quality of the finished product, giving you many years of trouble free enjoyment, or an aesthetically pleasing space for your special event.

The shape of the Yurt is very thermally efficient as a large yurt can easily be kept warm, using a small wood burning stove, in temperatures well below zero without any additional insulation.

They are finding a whole new life in corporate and personal entertainment as they are fast to erect, and provide the perfect backdrop for any event.

When used as musical venues they create a perfect atmosphere for both players and audience as round auditoria are immensely intimate and personal venues. Yurts are for Life not just for Christmas

by Nina Blanchard


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