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Glamping is a combination of the words glamour and camping, used to define a type of camping for people that enjoy nature but want to add comfort that luxurious amenities can provide, to simple accommodations.

There are thousands of glampsites around the world, varying from yurts to tipis and luxury canvas tents. The wide variety of these types of accommodations and prices makes glamping more than a trend, but accessible and used by people all around the world. In addition, glamping is ecological, pet-friendly, stimulates contact with nature and will often be accompanied by activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing and snowboarding.

Over the past few years, some of the best areas in the world for glamping can be found in the UK, Canada and Africa, but new sites are starting up all over the world, so as the trend develops and grows, these countries will be competing to be the go-to glamping market that will dominate in the years to come.

The glamping trend popped up a few years ago and has really taken a hold of countless outdoor enthusiasts.

Glamping is used to define a type of camping for people that enjoy nature, but do not want to give up the comfort and amenities of luxury accommodation.

The other aspect that makes glamping really attractive to some people, is the fact that its a greener way to enjoy luxury. This is because the accommodation is simply a tent, with a bed inside and there is very little carbon output. In terms of planning this as a holiday, glamping can be a great alternative for a romantic getaway, a fun weekend with your girlfriends or even a trip for the family. Although not all glampsites have multiple rooms, you can find some that will suit your needs and create a vacation that you will never forget. For more tips and ideas in planning your glamping holiday.

By Nina Blanchard



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