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Dog Friendly Beaches

129 holidays found. Click the names for more information.

The following listings match all your requirements.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Many Campers and holiday makers would like to take their dog on holiday.

Many beaches allow dogs all year round. Some have dog friendly times. Some are beaches disallow dogs at certain times of the year.

We offer 115 Dog Friendly Beaches in the UK and Europe

For example - see our blog on Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall, as it has a full list of beaches where dogs are welcome anytime, not allowed on beach from 7am to 7pm or 8am to 7.30pm etc.

If you are looking at a Dogs welcome Park and dog friendly beaches Old Cotmore offer both of these situated on the glorious Devon Coast

If taking your dog and wanting to venture to the beach please check if they are allowed first before setting off.

The are area’s you should avoid in Summer. Sand Dunes can be an ideal place for Adders to lie sunbathing. If understurbed they are no threat if a dog steps on one by mistake and gets bitten the consequences could be lethal if not getting the injured animal to a vet on time.

What are the signs of an Adder Bite if on holiday or camping

REMEMBER - to take plenty of water on the beach as dogs will try and drink the seawater which can dehydrate them and make them extremely ill.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion in a dog and What to do- Your dog may start limping on its front leg for no reason. This is due to the heart working very fast and the pain. It will then lie down and refuse to get up. You have around 5 Minutes untile your dog goes into a fit so work quickly. Offer fresh water to drink, loosen anything around its neck collor and harness. Drench the back of the dogs neck with water this can be sea water or drinking water use load you need to bring their body temperature down quickly.Dont allow your dog to drink seawater. Allow them to pant and put in the shade. Seek vets advise straight away.

by Nina Blanchard

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