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Which Tent is Right for You?

Which Tent is Right for You: Top 6 Types for Camping Trips

Camping is one of the greatest adventures that you will ever experience, and it’s something that can be enjoyed alone or with others. Of course, before you set out on your next adventure you need to make sure that you have the right tent for you and the conditions that you will be camping in.

We’re here to give you a hand with that, and have put together some information regarding the top types of tent and how they could benefit you. Here are six of the best tents available, and why they could be the right one for you.



1 Basic Ridge Tent

These are the original tents, and could even be considered the classic camping tent. When you think of a tent, these are the triangular sensations that you see. They have a pole at each end for support, and sometimes use a ridge pole at the top for a little extra security. They are pretty sturdy despite using fewer poles than other tends, and they come in a great range of sizes to fit quite a few people inside them.



2 Inflatable Tent

These tents started out quite rare and, depending on the kind of camping you are doing, they still are in some areas. However, they are a quick and easy solution to the painful problem that is trying to set your tent up. They work like an inflatable bed, and all you need to do is sit back and relax while your tent blows up. They really put the concept of relaxation back into camping.

3 Dome Tent

These tents use flexible poles to erect them, which is why they are dome shaped when they have been pitched. They are an incredibly popular model of tentto have, and the result is that they are probably the main type of tent that you will see when you arrive at your campsite. The smaller models are very sturdy,and could be defined as some of the most stable around.

4 Tunnel Tent

These are kind of like dome tents, except that they are wider and taller. Plus, they use flexible poles to give the structure extra support. They are a popular choice for families that go camping as they offer a lot of space and provide a comfortable camping experience. You can even choose for them to come with rigid poles if that is an option that you are more comfortable with.

5 Pod Tent

If you are searching for a massive tent, the pod tent is one of the largest on the market – perfect for large families or camping groups that want to stick close together. Usually, there is a central pod that acts as a living area, and the rest of the tent branches off into separate pods that are used for sleeping or storage. You can even buy additional pods to extend the tent for some models. They provide a spacious and relaxing experience.

6 Geodesic Tent

This tent is named due to the criss-cross poles that are outside of the tent like an exoskeleton. This evenly distributes the stress across the entirety of the tent, making it one of the strongest and most reliable options there are. Plus, they are able to withstand just about any weather condition, and there are options for tents with fewer poles in milder conditions.


To Conclude

Hopefully, we helped you to determine which tent is going to be best for you on your next trip away. There are loads of different tents to choose from, however, and so if you are looking for more information on tent types and the way in which they can work for you, check out this Ultimate Camping Guide for the latest and most extensive information.


About the Author

Will is a freelance writer and Co-Founder of Wonderful Wellies. If you are interested in more information on camping and hiking, be sure to check out Will’s ultimate camping guide here .

Will is a freelance writer and Co-Founder of Wonderful Wellies, his personal blog can be seen here.

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