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Which Tent is Right for You?

Which Tent is Right for You: Top 6 Types for Camping Trips

Camping is one of the greatest adventures that you will ever experience, and it’s something that can be enjoyed alone or with others. Of course, before you set out on your next adventure you need to make sure that you have the right tent for you and the conditions that you will be camping in.

We’re here to give you a hand with that, and have put together some information regarding the top types of tent and how they could benefit you. Here are six of the best tents available, and why they could be the right one for you.



1 Basic Ridge Tent

These are the original tents, and could even be considered the classic camping tent. When you think of a tent, these are the triangular sensations that you see. They have a pole at each end for support, and sometimes use a ridge pole at the top for a little extra security. They are pretty sturdy despite using fewer poles than other tends, and they come in a great range of sizes to fit quite a few people inside them.



2 Inflatable Tent

These tents started out quite rare and, depending on the kind of camping you are doing, they still are in some areas. However, they are a quick and easy solution to the painful problem that is trying to set your tent up. They work like an inflatable bed, and all you need to do is sit back and relax while your tent blows up. They really put the concept of relaxation back into camping.

3 Dome Tent

These tents use flexible poles to erect them, which is why they are dome shaped when they have been pitched. They are an incredibly popular model of tentto have, and the result is that they are probably the main type of tent that you will see when you arrive at your campsite. The smaller models are very sturdy,and could be defined as some of the most stable around.

4 Tunnel Tent

These are kind of like dome tents, except that they are wider and taller. Plus, they use flexible poles to give the structure extra support. They are a popular choice for families that go camping as they offer a lot of space and provide a comfortable camping experience. You can even choose for them to come with rigid poles if that is an option that you are more comfortable with.

5 Pod Tent

If you are searching for a massive tent, the pod tent is one of the largest on the market – perfect for large families or camping groups that want to stick close together. Usually, there is a central pod that acts as a living area, and the rest of the tent branches off into separate pods that are used for sleeping or storage. You can even buy additional pods to extend the tent for some models. They provide a spacious and relaxing experience.

6 Geodesic Tent

This tent is named due to the criss-cross poles that are outside of the tent like an exoskeleton. This evenly distributes the stress across the entirety of the tent, making it one of the strongest and most reliable options there are. Plus, they are able to withstand just about any weather condition, and there are options for tents with fewer poles in milder conditions.


To Conclude

Hopefully, we helped you to determine which tent is going to be best for you on your next trip away. There are loads of different tents to choose from, however, and so if you are looking for more information on tent types and the way in which they can work for you, check out this Ultimate Camping Guide for the latest and most extensive information.


About the Author

Will is a freelance writer and Co-Founder of Wonderful Wellies. If you are interested in more information on camping and hiking, be sure to check out Will’s ultimate camping guide here .

Will is a freelance writer and Co-Founder of Wonderful Wellies, his personal blog can be seen here.

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The secret to warm and happy guests all year round

In the depths of winter we all long for those halcyon, warm days of holidays.

Find out how one glamping site in rural Wales has used innovative renewable technology to provide warmth to its guests all year round, minus the high heating prices and servicing costs, and gets a nice return through a Government incentive on the side.


The Phillips’ run www.thesecretyurts.co.uk, a holiday business in the heart of the Welsh countryside offering visitors the option to stay in a recently refurbished holiday cottage or experience ‘glamping’ in their own luxury yurt complete with underfloor heating, private bathrooms and showers.

They were looking to replace the old oil-fired boiler heating their family farmhouse and holiday cottage as it was expensive to run and they had problems getting supplies in bad weather due to their rural location. The Phillips’ had also recently built a luxury facilities block for their guests, including a fully fitted kitchen, plus a hot tub, for which they also needed a heating solution.

The Phillips’ had heard about Kensa Partner Installer Ground Sun from an architect and contacted the firm to discuss renewable heating options. They were keen to develop their green credentials, which already included a rainwater harvesting system, so that their customers could enjoy a holiday in the UK with a low carbon footprint.

Mr Phillips said:

“Living where we do, surrounded by rolling Welsh hills, we are very conscious that our luxury holiday accommodation should strive towards being eco-friendly. To do this we decided we wanted a heating system that paired technological innovation with natural resources. It is also very important for our guests to be comfortable during their stay with access to a constant supply of heating and hot water.”

The Phillips’ decided on a ground source heat pump because it offered low running costs and a reliable heat supply. In order to meet the amount of heat required across the multiple buildings, a Kensa 21kW Hybrid Twin ground source heat pump was specified, capable of delivering high levels of heating and hot water.Sunrise at The Secret Yurts

How it was done

Due to the development being located on the side of a hill on which trees had been planted in the last five years, there was not enough flat land available in which to dig trenches for slinky pipe. Their appointed groundworks contractor, Ground Sun, was able to use a non-disruptive and efficient borehole drilling method which has been adapted from techniques used to create utility networks for powerlines and gas mains. A radial drilling rig was used to drill four 127m horizontal closed loop boreholes up to 9m deep, from which heat energy stored in the ground could be extracted.

For this pioneering method, Ground Sun used a specially adapted drilling rig with ‘no dig’ technology, which meant that all the drilling was done from one chamber thus avoiding potentially disruptive excavations. The rig also allowed Ground Sun to use sonar to steer along the water level and navigate through challenging geology made up of clay, gravels and large boulders that had to be drilled straight through!

Overall, the installation process was fairly quick, taking a total of just five days.

A plantroom houses the Kensa ground source heat pump, plus a 1250l hygienically safe hot water and buffer tank.

The Phillips’ family farmhouse is a 200 year old stone cottage with minimal insulation, so to ensure that the heat pump achieved the required temperature, Ground Sun advised the Phillips’ to replace some of their existing radiators with oversize versions. They also took care to ensure all heat loss calculations were correct and that the hot water tanks were properly sized to ensure a consistent flow temperature across the system. It was particularly important to ensure that the hot water never ran out, as the Phillips’ are a family of six, plus guests staying in the holiday cottage and yurt campsite created a high demand for hot water.

In order to further increase the efficiency of the system, Ground Sun also installed solar thermal panels on the roof to collect solar energy, which contributes to servicing the heating and hot water load all year round. Underfloor heating was also installed into the newly built facilities block which further enhances the efficiency of the ground source heat pump.

As the development features multiple properties which are rented out separately, it is eligible for the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This enabled the Phillips’ to receive 20 years’ worth of quarterly payments from the Government based on the buildings’ metered heat usage.

The Phillips’ are delighted with their heat pump which compliments the green credentials of their holiday business:

“Our Kensa heat pump is now in operation for its second winter and has experienced external temperatures down to -6°C. Our family and guests staying at ‘The Secret Yurts’ have always had ample hot water, our house is warm throughout the year for the first time ever and we don’t have to worry about buying oil! The underground pipe installation was great with virtually no disruption to our land and no messy trenches to fill in!

Above all the support from Ground Sun and Kensa during installation, set up and beyond has been fantastic. We would recommend such an installation to anybody considering moving to a renewable heating system.”

Kensa’s Marketing Manager Stephanie Gregory explains:

“A typical holiday lodge with availability to rent all year round might expect to generate over £13,000 in RHI income over the 20 year lifetime, while actually the cost to run the heat pump itself is less than half the cost of the associated RHI income (per kilowatt hour), meaning park operators can cost effectively keep lodges warm even when unoccupied, helping to mitigate problems with damp and providing a warm welcome for the next set of guests.”

With energy costs and environmental sustainability important issues for those in the leisure sector, holiday parks operating over the autumn, winter and early spring would do well to consider the profitable opportunities of renewable, ground source heating for their property portfolio.

Original Pioneer of Glamping, Feather Down, sets innovative 2015 trends

Original Pioneer of Glamping, Feather Down, sets innovative 2015 trends

The team behind the internationally acclaimed Feather Down Farm Days holidays is proud to introduce a number of glamping innovations to suit those looking to get back to nature on some of the UK’s loveliest working farms, without compromising on comfort or luxury.

Brand New Canvas Frills Lodges with en-suite bathroom

The Canvas Frills Lodge is yet another new innovation from Feather Down – a luxurious tent boasting even greater practicality while never compromising on allure, with an all-important en-suite bathroom. With a beautifully decorated wooden bathroom web-tent_evening_02interior, guests may now enjoy an instant hot shower (heated by gas), and in the right style. The breakfast of freshly laid eggs just collected by your children can now follow the shower, entirely in the comfort of your lovely 56m2 living space.

Brand new Canvas Lodge for small groups

For larger families and groups of friends, there is the Canvas Lodge for 10 people, currently available on Canfields Farm in West Sussex. Behind thick protective canvas keeping warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out, turn-of-the-century farmhouse tent interiors evoke a time when daily life proceeded at nature’s pace. Balancing practicality and feeling, all of the spacious and cosy tents include proper beds with warm blankets and soft pillows, and flushing toilets.

Brand New Log Cabins on the farm

Featherdown FarmsThe company has just launched its brand new log cabin holidays. Available at Howbeck Lodge Farm in the Lake District National Park and at Warren Farm in the beautiful Mendip Hills near Cheddar Gorge, the rugged cabins will bring an extra sense of adventure to the family holiday, while providing all the warmth of hearth and home. Full of frontier flavour, the cabins feature rocking chairs on the veranda and turn-of-the-century farmhouse interiors.

These are now spread across the space of a mezzanine measuring 50m2. But don’t expect TV or wireless – the ethos of a Feather Down holiday is to get away from the stresses and distractions of modern living to reconnect with nature and the family.

Website www.featherdown.co.uk

or call 01420 80804


Oakdown Holiday Park serves up a “bray and breakfast” option

Oakdown Holiday Park in Weston, near Sidmouth, is offering holidaymakers a behind-the-scenes introduction to the world of Britain’s largest equine charity.

Guests staying at a top East Devon holiday park can this year enjoy a VIP donkey experience – guaranteed to raise smiles, and much-needed funds for a local sanctuary.

Oakdown Holiday Park in Weston, near Sidmouth, is offering holidaymakers a behind-the-scenes introduction to the world of Britain’s largest equine charity.

The Donkey Sanctuary, adjacent to the park, provides care for around 500 donkeys – many of which have been neglected, over-worked or abandoned.

In conjunction with the park, small groups will spend a hands-on morning helping the sanctuary team with a variety of tasks including grooming, walking, feeding and petting.

But it’s not all donkey work, for the VIP package also includes a slap-up farmhouse cooked breakfast with a special gift for younger donkey devotees.

Oakdown Holiday Park, owned by the Franks family for over 40 years, provides luxury caravan holiday homes to rent and buy, plus camping pods and touring pitches.

In 2015, Oakdown beat more than 900 other UK parks to take the overall title of AA Campsite of the Year, based on votes cast by guests – and it also holds many other accolades.

According to Alastair Franks, the new VIP donkey experience will provide a fascinating insight to a widely-celebrated charity dedicated to donkey welfare:

“Donkeys and mules are hardworking animals, and can also be very affectionate – but sadly, they are sometimes the victims of neglect and cruelty,” he said.

“But these animals, as our visitors will see, are now leading happy and fulfilled lives in the care of dedicated volunteers who provide all the treatment and attention they need.

“For children especially, this will prove a real eye-opener of a morning!” added Alastair.

The £38.00 per person cost of the experience, additional to the holiday cost, will include a donation to the charity. For more information about the park, visit www.oakdown.co.uk