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Shorefields Promise Due To Coronavirus

shorefieldNew Booking Guarantee

With the current climate throughout the UK, as you can imagine we are monitoring the Coronavirus situation vert closely. As a result, we have made changes to our Terms and Conditions and introduced a new ‘Booking Guarantee’ to give our guests peace of mind. This currently means that any holiday booked after the 11th March, in addition to any holiday arriving before the 22nd May, can be moved or rescheduled regardless of the reason. We will be constantly reviewing this and will be sure to make relevant changes where required. To keep up to date with the new terms, or for more information, we urge you to take a look at our Booking Guarantee page:

Removal of DOGFEST15, SOUL15 and OAK15 discount codes

Unfortunately, we have just received the news that many events due to either be held at our parks or that we were partnered with have been postponed. As a result, we have deactivated the SOUL15, OAK15, and DOGFEST15 discount codes until further notice. These codes will no longer work for your customers, so we would therefore be grateful if you would remove these from your sites for accuracy and the benefit of all users.

Please contact the park directly if you have any further questions


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