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Campsites, Camping and Holiday Parks in Guernsey

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Le Vaugrat Camping, Guernsey, England
Les Hougues
Route de Vaugrat
St Sampson
Telephone 01481 257468
Website Visit campsite or park's website
  • Facilities

La Bailloterie Camping, Guernsey, England
Balloterie Lane
Telephone 01481 243636
Fax 01481 243225
Website Visit campsite or park's website
  • Facilities

Information about Guernsey

Some information about Guernsey from Campsite Finder Online, your online guide to camping and caravanning.

Rising sea levels caused by prehistoric global warming transformed Guernsey from being the tip of a peninsula jutting out into the emergent English Channel around 6000 BC, into an island when it and other promontories were cut off from continental Europe.

At this time, Neolithic farmers settled the coasts and built the dolmens and menhirs that dot the islands. The island of Guernsey contains three sculpted menhirs of great archaeological interest; the dolmen known as L'Autel du Dehus also contains a dolmen deity known as Le Gardien du Tombeau.

During their migration to Brittany, the Britons occupied the Lenur Islands (former name of the Channel Islands including Sarnia or Lisia (Guernsey) and Angia (Jersey). It was formerly thought that the island's original name was Sarnia, but recent research indicates that might have been the Latin name for Sark; although Sarnia remains the island's traditional designation. Coming from the Kingdom of Gwent, Saint Sampson (abbot of Dol, in Brittany) is credited with the introduction of Christianity to Guernsey.

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