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River Wye Camping at Symonds Yat, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales

Leisure Park
Symonds Yat West
01600 890672 or 07969 078436
Map Coordinates
Latitude 51.85285°, Longitude -2.64631°
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We have all the facilities for a great camping holiday or a weekend away, including:Gift shop, local shops for provisions, Showers, Washing Machines, Freezers and fridges.


Unit Type

  • Motorhomes
  • Tent

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4 Reviews

Average rating 1 out of 5

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ronrach (July 7th, 2013)


Don't bother, spent two nights here, had no sleep because of the three families that set up camp near the toilet block and thought it was a good idea to play there music as loud as they could at 130 in the morning on there last night. The owners and staff don't care, even tho it states no noise after 1030.toilet and showers are a joke and you pay for that facilities on site. We set up camp and left enough room for a few chairs outside,went for a walk to look around and there was a camper van wedged between our tent and the next one, this is the rule here, wedge as many people as you can on the site and set up a football pitch between the tents. Ive stayed on many sites round here and there perfect, you've been warned....

Cyril and Maude (September 4th, 2011)


DON'T GO TO THIS CAMPSITE. WORSE I HAVE STAYED AT. I have never written a review before but this site shocked me so much I felt it necessary. I am an experienced camper and have stayed at all kinds of sites ranging from Haven sites to farmers fields but this has got to be the most disappointing yet. When we arrived we were shown where to put our tent, we pitched it then someone came over and asked us to move it back about 4 inches (no exaggeration). We had to un-peg it and start again.

The field we were asked to stay on was the back end of a car park. They couldn't have stuck us further away. We had to pay for the 3 nights regardless of the fact some only stayed for 2. I understand it was a bank holiday but she said by her own admission that lots of people hadn't bothered turning up because of the weather. Surely the fact that we turned up for two nights was better for them than all those who booked and didn't turn up? So after paying £105 for the 5 of us (plus £25 noise bond!) we expected the facilities to be adequate.

The toilet facilities were dreadful. In the ladies there were 2 toilets and 2 showers for the whole campsite. It was small and cramped. To shower there you have to pay an additional £1 for 8-10 minutes of icy cold water! At one point there was someone in there blow drying their hair which made the electricity cut out. Thank goodness I wasn’t in my cold shower when this happened. The actual showers cubicles are tiny. Getting dressed you have 2 options. Either dress in the actual shower where all the water is still by your feet because it hasn’t ran away, or you can step outside the shower and get dressed in the bit outside where the main door opens and everyone can see inside.

The website advertises local shops. By local they mean somewhere you have to drive to. The staff wonder around and peer into your space all the time. They insist on no noise after 11 which is fine but they come around and check on you by 9 o’clock. It felt very invasive. They make no sound, just peep into your private space. They state no open fires which again is not a problem. We had a little bucket BBQ which was off the floor on which we burnt candle from the Forestry Commission. They checked on us the one night and said it was fine. The following night, someone crept up behind us and told us it wasn’t allowed. The whole vibe of the place is made to feel very uncomfortable by staff constantly checking on you. On the morning of departure they came around demanding extra money because we were 20 minutes later departing. It is a beautiful area and we went canoeing with the Monmouth canoeing centre who were fabulous. I would recommend the area but certainly not the campsite.

Wiliam (September 1st, 2011)


I stayed here as part of a mixed group of 5 late 20/early 30 experienced campers over august bank holiday, as a group we unanimously decided we would not consider returning.

We arrived to a stunning location, situated right on the river. The site is close to local attractions and a number of lovely pubs and restaurants (we were especially keen on the wye knot inn). Unfortunately, this is the only positive factor we had to say about this site.

As a group we were situated on the group section of the site-fair enough but this turned out to be part of an overflow car park with cars coming and going all day and late into the night. Further, this section had no facilities and the closest toilet block was a good 10 minute walk away.

Facilities were small and inadequate. Men were fortunate as we had urinals to ease congestion but ladies had 2 cubicles to share between to whole site. Toilets were closed often and for long periods, I had to 'hold it in' numerous times! Showers were small and dirty with cold water and doors that didn't lock, and to top it off you had to pay for the privilege.

Staff were rude and intrusive-constantly patrolling the site showing no consideration to privacy. On arrival we were given a list of rules longer than our guy ropes and were asked to sign an agreement and pay a deposit to enforce these, this took all the fun out of our camping experience.

Although we expected it to be busy as it was bank holiday the site was cramped and tents were pitched close too each other. Imagine the scenario - having been told where to set up camp and after the hard work of erecting our tent and perfecting our pitch we were told to move it in line with others so that they could fit more people onto the field. Needless to say we were not happy campers!

To top it off - beautiful location and we will definitely return to the Wye Valley, only to a more relaxed site with better facilities and a relaxed atmosphere.

Rhi (August 30th, 2011)


Toilets small, dirty and a long way from tent. Insufficient number of toilets and showers (2) for size of campsite. Had to pay addional amount for showers when we had already paid enough to be shoved on the end of carpark. Staff were rude and intrusive, always peering in to check on us. Beautiful area but a site to be avoided.

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